About Us

Hi! My name is Dennis and according to my kids, I am an AWESOME DAD. The idea for this web store came from my family and friends, telling me how they always struggle to find attractive and meaningful gifts for their dads and grandads. It got me thinking. With my background in business and marketing, working in the printing industry, I had a unique knowledge and experience of how to create high quality and affordable gift products. After 15 years of managing one of the biggest printing company in Florida, I realized that it’s not too late to follow your dream and become an entrepreneur.

My goal is to put a smile on the face of many AWESOME DADS when they get their gifts.

This website is also dedicated to my own AWESOME DAD who was the best dad ever. My dad was a truck driver, and he couldn’t spend so much time with me and my brother growing up becauae of the nature of his work, but every moment he had, he would do everything possible to make sure that we had a happy childhood. Life took my dad too early from us, and I wish I had a chance to give my dad some of the gifts I created for you and your AWESOME DAD. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think giving your dad some tools, BBQ utensil, cologne, or a gift card is a bad idea. I wish you to have more options when it comes to that  occasion, and you are looking for that special gift for him. Any gift you give your AWESOME DAD is an act of love and sign of your appreciation.

Dads deserve a special place in our hearts, and I will forever be grateful for having my AWESOME DAD in my life. That’s why the percentage of our sales goes to charity organizations and kids groving up without parents.

Cherish your AWESOME DAD!